Knit Best Friend Scarf

Be careful next time you drag your friends into a yarn store. A seemingly innocent and hilarious (well, at the time) joke about buying best friend scarves can really escalate and, before you know it, you’re loaded up with six skeins of yarn and a three scarf homework assignment.

The finished product!After much searching and a demo of Ravelry from a nice employee at Cream City Yarn, I found this awesome cowl pattern. I revved myself up for a night of knitting with a couple of glasses of wine and after one botched start, was happily surprised when I finished the first scarf in 2-3 hours. I love how the cowls turned out. The chunky fabric and the lines of dropped stitches give it a loose, drapey look and who doesn’t want a one night project (that can even be successfully completed with a light wine buzz)? Up next: mustard yellow and attempting to invent my own pattern. How perfect for fallis that?! Perfect for a keynote speaker at a best friend convention too…


Laying down flat

Isn't my neck such a supermodel?

My First Statue

Summer means an inordinate amount of popsicles, spending a lot of time in front of fans and air conditioners and venturing outside to estate sales! If you have not experienced one of these yet, you’re missing out. With much more stuff than rummage sales, you’re much more likely to find a hidden gem (or that much more crap). Sometimes you can tell right when you walk in the door that this is not the sale for you but I found a pretty interesting one recently. Whenever you see Greek/Roman-looking busts on sale for $300, you’re probably in for an interesting experience, if nothing else.

In all her glory

In all her glory

Luckily I showed up on the third or fourth day of the sale when everything was 70% off (!). (This happens a lot after the first day or two of an estate sale.) I happened upon this Venus di Milo statue and it was just too cool and quirky to pass up. At about $30 originally, I picked it up for $10 (and an off-white wool beret!). All dusted-up, I think it fits in well in my little corner with the other dark brown wooden accents.

Accepting name ideas for the statue.  I think she needs to dress up for each holiday.

Accepting name ideas for the statue. I think she needs to dress up for each holiday.

Oil Painting of Bailey

My first post and about something that makes me smile: my puppy! Ok, so she’s eleven years old but she’ll always be my puppy. I can’t believe I haven’t painted her until now but this was one of the most enjoyable paintings I’ve done recently. One, it only took two sessions to complete, almost unheard of for me! Two, with some professional advice, I think I got the painting to where I want it to be. It’s always hard with a person or pet you know to get the features exactly right so it looks just like him or her to you, the artist. I think that, combined with the looser style I was able to embrace makes this one of my favorites. Here’s Bailey!

Oil on canvas