St. Patrick’s Day Treats

I decided to get festive this year and went all out making some St. Patrick’s Day treats. Thank goodness for Pinterest for all the good ideas! There are just tons of fun looking St. Patrick’s Day food and booze recipes. I refrained from the booze ones for now but one of the perks of cooking with booze is the leftovers. And the beers you get to have while cooking, obviously.

If you like Irish booze, these cupcakes will definitely give you an excuse to buy a few kinds. Like I said, I found the recipe on Pinterest, via this website. They’re called Irish car bomb cupcakes, how can you not love them? Guinness chocolate cake filled with a whiskey ganache and topped off with Bailey’s frosting. Warning: they are kind of labor intensive as far as cupcakes go so set aside a few hours but they are DELISH. Really rich and tasty. I took a bunch into work and someone even called it the best cupcake he’s ever had! The recipe made 24 cupcakes and I have a lot of the Bailey’s frosting left over (not complaining). I even saved the insides of the cupcakes I dug out to fill them – don’t judge me. I used a ziploc baggie with a tip cut off to frost them and it actually worked pretty well, if you want them to be a little jazzier and don’t have a pastry bag.


Irish car bomb cupcake!


Even with the hefty amount of frosting I put onto each, there was a ton leftover.

As for the Irish beef hand pies…they turned out pretty well. This is a great time to remind everyone of the lesson learned as a child not to judge a book by its cover because the pies…they aren’t pretty. Here is what I blame that on: I have no rolling pin and used a Nalgene bottle, I had been cooking for 2.5 hours and was starving so my standards were lowered, and I was also 3 Guinnesses in by 9 pm when I finally finished them. Either way, they’re nowhere near as cute as Martha’s (got the recipe from Pinterest via this link from Martha Stewart’s mag, slide 22 if you’re interested) but still tasted good. Another slightly time consuming recipe but it made 8 of these pies which are enough for a meal alone plus a bit of filling leftover. I froze half of them and added onions to the recipe which I think was a good call. Happy late St. Patrick’s Day! Is there anything special you make every St. Patrick’s Day? I’ll need more ideas for next year!


Irish beef hand pies. Odd shapes and some holes in the pastry but it worked out.

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