Art + Wine Classes: Yay or nay?

I think because I like to pretend I’m a true artist I was a little apprehensive and judgmental about those wine and art classes. The fact that everyone does the same exact picture makes them seem non-artisty to me. All the art classes I’ve taken as an adult have been ones where you can do whatever the hell you want without being instructed. Which is maybe why half the time they make me so stressed out and hate myself. And, I don’t know if you’ve heard, there’s a BAR at these trendy classes! I could be convinced to take a calculus class if they told me there was a bar there.

So I decided to give it a try. With my mom and older sister in tow, I showed up for a Wednesday night class to paint an autumn scene. First thing’s first, we got wine at the bar. (They were out of champagne, exCUSE me?! Whatever.) Then I started sizing up my competition. For some reason, arts and crafts makes me super competitive (wouldn’t it be nice if work or real life did that to me?) so I wanted to make sure mine would be the best. Or better than my sister’s at least.

Here we are, just the happiest little family of painters.

image (1)

The weird thing about the class is that I kind of felt like I was painting blind. It was a much different experience than when I sit down to paint at home or in a class. The actual picture we were copying was about the size of a postage stamp and hung on the wall .5 miles away so that wasn’t much help. Mom kept freaking out about this fact. She also started adding cobblestones without being told and totally going AWOL on her picture and then everyone loved it. I had half a mind to tell on her. But I actually found the experience liberating. Since I just did what I was told and had no idea what I was really supposed to be doing, there was much less to stress out about (except when the goddamn bar was going to be open for service again). The process is a little dumbed down and not every single detail is included but I think that definitely helped make the project easier and completable in a few hours. I can’t remember the last time I finished a painting in that amount of time…or a quarter of that amount of time. So yay for finishing one!

Overall rating: An A! It was fun, so much less stressful than normal, fun to hang with the fam, drink, and accomplish something.

image (2)

Lessons learned:

  1. Just always be drinking when you’re painting. Just do it.
  2. Not every detail needs to be painted.
  3. Frequent cheese breaks are a must. (My sister’s snacks totally helped my…inspiration, or whatever.)
  4. There’s always someone whose painting is worse than yours to make you feel better.

You can buy my picture for $5,000. I swear there are only like 50 others like it out there.

Ta da!

7 thoughts on “Art + Wine Classes: Yay or nay?

  1. Your mom definitely wins for fanciest sky! After seeing your photos and, more importantly, reading that wine was involved, I realized a few of my non-art friends did one of these last week… I’d seen a facebook photo of them all holding up matching paintings… haha Now I understand… Entertaining post! It was interesting to read about your experience. I’d definitely go AWOL in that class and then be crying that I didn’t follow directions. 😛

    • That’s too funny because I totally pre-decided these classes were lame after I’d seen about a hundred people in that same exact pose holding up their paintings on Facebook! Have you tried any before? Did I mention there’s wine…

      • Hahaha Knowing that there is wine does sort of change everything! I haven’t tried one of these, I’ve only been to art retreats, which are way more of a free-for-all, chaotic art frenzy. I’d be tempted to do this with friends, though I worry that I might inadvertently piss people off… either from embellishing my work, or just finding it too humorous… 😉 But, wine!

      • You should go for it! It was a lot more fun than I expected and the wine takes the competitive edge off…a bit 🙂

  2. Great post! I’ve frequently wondered if those classes are any fun. But I must admit I don’t try them because I think mine would be the only picture in the group that would turn out horribly unlike the others. I just cannot fathom that it would be easy!

    • You should do it!! There is definitely a range of how they turn out but I was surprised (maybe stupidly) how similar most of them really were!

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