Super Easy Ceramic Tile Coasters

In spite of the hyperbole, “super easy” is even an understatement here. These things take about 10 minutes from start to finish. I’m still deeply conflicted over this craft and the quality of it but more on that later. I learned how to make these in a HYP (Habitat (for Humanity) Young Professionals) get-together where we upcycled (buzzword alert) junk. So they were free to make (for me). But really, if you don’t already have tiles lying around and no one you know does, I’m sure you can get them really cheap at the store or at somewhere like Habitat ReStore, which is where our supplies came from. (I swear this is not a promotion post but, c’mon, Habitat is awesome.) So cost=$0 but if you’re purchasing things, probably under $10.


So here is the recipe for personalized coasters!


  • Tiles (mine are around 4×4 and were leftovers)
  • Mod Podge (you’ll know it by the great 70’s packaging and how fun it is to peel off your fingers)
  • Paper (I used scrapbook paper card stock but I mean, whatever you’ve got and like)
  • Fuzzy anti-scratch stickers (if you don’t know the real name of these or where to find them…good luck to ya)
  • A foam paintbrush


  1. Grab tiles. Sets of 4 feel complete to me but honesty, if I will probably only use those when I am drinking 4 things at once. On second thought, this might happen more than I think.
  2. You can sand the tiles first but I didn’t and it worked fine. So this step is for overachievers only!
  3. Measure the tiles and decide how wide you want the frame of tile to be around the paper. Cut paper to size. (A scrapbooking sliding cutter with a ruler on it works really well for this.)
  4. Paint the tile with Mod Podge with the brush (a thin layer is all you need).
  5. Place the paper on the tile.
  6. Add a few more layers of Mod Podge on top to seal in.
  7. Stick on the fuzzy stickers (4 per tile naturally, in each corner) so it doesn’t scratch your table and ta da!

Here are closeups of the 2 styles I made.

image image-5

Like I said, this took about 10 minutes, not counting the extra layers of Mod Podge I added in later for safety. They look pretty cute and I like that they are real customizable to your decor and taste. The issue I’ve had so far is a hot beverage did not go over so well and warped the paper a bit. I’m also not sure I love the look. I’m also debating whether it looks too cheap or not.

Input needed! What do you think? Cheap or chic? I’d love to try some variations on this, since it was so cheap and easy. I’m in love with maps so I think putting old maps on the tiles would look great and go with my decor, as well as covering an entire tile or painting it first. I’m not sure what the answer to hot drinks is though and I worry that condensation would do the same. Anyone know of any better sealants? How would you make yours unique? I’d love to hear some ideas!

Mod-Podge Paris Tray Table

This post has been a long time coming, which is not really excusable for how simple the project was! My favorite part is how cheap it was too. I picked up this little tv stand at an estate sale last summer for no more than $2. The idea was to mod-podge some cool paper on top of it, paint the legs, and make it a fun little side table. I toyed with the idea of mod-podging (which I had previously referred to as “hodge podge” and “modge podge”, both of which I learned don’t exist) some actual objects onto the top of it (i.e. postcards or pictures) but once I found this paper, I figured it did the work for me. I picked this up at a store in Minneapolis that’s hard to describe other than it has lots of fun STUFF. I’m loving these papers! A few bucks each but tons of styles and they’re thick and sturdy enough to use for all kinds of projects. I’ll definitely have to find more ideas as I’ve found these at an art supply store near me.

Anyway the mod-podge was probably the most expensive part of the project. It nearly broke the bank at $7. I pulled the tray piece off the legs and shellacked that paper onto the tray with a good 5 or 6 coats. It created a nice thick coating but I think I’ll still need to be careful not to get it wet or spill on it (not my strong suit). One issue I had was getting the paper tightly fitted into the curved corners. If you look closely (please don’t), the paper ripped in one corner and kind of stretched over another so it doesn’t fit in tight. Better luck next time. I did find that getting the paper and the tray pretty soaked in mod-podge first helped with the pliability. I threw about 4 coats of gold craft paint on the legs with a foam paintbrush and ta-da!

Total cost (estimated):

  • Table – $2
  • Paper – $3
  • Mod-podge – $7
  • Gold paint – $3

For a grand total of only about $15! Not bad. I’m still undecided on how much I like this. It’s definitely a handy size and height for my living room but probably not something I’ll move into a decent house one day. It works with my small apartment and mismatched decor for now though. What do you think? Cute or cheap looking?


Here’s the festive 70’s tv tray before. I know, I can’t believe I would cover those fetching ribbons up either.


View from the top. I’m kind of obsessed with Paris and fell in love with the paper. I think the angled placement worked out too.


Painted the legs gold. Took a few coats but I like how it turned out.